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This is my Phillies baseball cards wantlist site - the pages will include the cards I am looking for.  Tradebait page is out of whack, LMK what you seek.  I prefer to trade my dupes for cards I need.  I do buy and sell as well, as a last resort!  I am a member in good standing in two online trading groups - The Bench, and Trading Bases.  I also belong to several Facebook trading card groups and am using the Trading Card Database to track things - dupes are listed in there!!!
I decided to build some recent Topps sets - wantlists are indicated on the dropdown under "Topps Set Needs".  Includes Topps and Heritage base and updates.
Under the "More" dropdown, you will find "Chris Widger" - these are his cards that I am looking for.  Chris is a hometown hero; he played for the Seattle Mariners (1995-1996, 2000), Montréal Expos (1997-2000), New York Yankees (2002), St. Louis Cardinals (2003), Chicago White Sox (2005-2006), and Baltimore Orioles (2006). 
Also under the "More" dropdown, a few other pages, including "Heroes" (folks that helped me compete sets).  I need a bunch of "stuff"; I had to make several pages to make maintenance easier!!
My Phillies wantlists include completed teamsets, in black text.  Teamsets with needs are indicated in red text.  There are some sets that I am not interested in - they are not listed.  Note - ** after the card number indicates a pending trade or purchase!
                                          Last update:  November 16, 2019
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